Thursday, March 23, 2017

Viera Wetlands


Prayers for London and the victims of the terror act.

These are images from our time in Florida, I hope you enjoy. It was a great 5 months living in Florida, I have enjoyed this experience of living in a new place and the state of Florida.

We learned to avoid traffic on the highways in Florida it is best to leave early in the morning. On this day we were heading to the Viera Wetlands in Melbourne Florida. We were early enough to see the sunrise at the nearby Satellite Beach.

Pelican flyby.

Below are the some of the birds we saw at the Viera Wetlands, the White Ibis with his colorful bill and legs.

A Great Egret and a Roseate Spoonbill.

Great Blue Herons on nest.

White Pelicans were one of my favorite sights.

Start each day with a thankful heart

I am thankful for my time and experiences while living in Florida.
I am thankful my dreams that turned into reality.

Be thankful for unknown blessings already on their way. 

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Painted Bunting


I am happy, I finally was able to have a Comcast Cable rep help me with my internet service.  I am sharing one of my favorite Florida birds, the Painted Bunting. My brother visited us during his to trip to see the Daytona 500, he spent 5 days with us. So I had to take him to my favorite birding spot at the Circle B Bar Reserve. I was happy we all were able to watch this pretty Painted Bunting on the ground eating seed.

The Painted Bunting is one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen. The male has the pretty colors of blue, red and green. The female is a yellowish-green in color.

The Painted Bunting can be found in thicket, dense shrubbery and bushes. They are shy birds but can be found at feeders.

I have many more Florida photos to share so I will still be blogging about Florida. I hope you enjoy!

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